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The Intake Appointment:

When scheduling any type of appointment with Remedies, the first appointment is always called the "Intake" appointment. This appointment is usually scheduled in a 1.5 hour increment to allow you to get to know our staff, see the office, and explain the purpose of your appointment. (Custody Evaluations and Parenting Coordination Intakes are scheduled in 2 hour increments). This session also allows Remedies an opportunity to go over the paperwork. Contact with Ms. Trotter can be scheduled via phone, online, or as a "face-to-face" appointment.

The Intake Appointment is the very first time you will come to our office. You will take a tour of our facility. A trained Intake Professional will sit down with you and you will have the opportunity to tell your side of the story and share any concerns for the visits you may have. Our Intake Professional will review with you the rules and fees associated with the services you will be receiving. Finally, you will have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have. Your adult family members or partner/spouse may attend the Intake meeting. If you are the guardian or custodial parent of the child(ren), we encourage the children be brought to the last fifteen minutes of your Intake session so that they may see the office and meet our staff so they can get familiar with our facility before visits begin.

Things to bring to your Intake:

  1. Any court orders related to visitation and custody.
  2. Copies of all current protective and restraining orders (and past if relevant) pertaining to parents and child(ren).
  3. If Parenting Coordination client, our office must have the "Order Appointing Parenting Coordinator" before the first Joint Appointment between parents